Counting imaginary, eluding, unfulfilling sheep

   Sleep, who needs it? Oh yeah, ME! I’ve never been a good sleeper. I’ve been     someone who could function quite well on not a lot of sleep and had done so for many years. Even as a new mother, the sleepless nights with a newborn were somehow easily doable. Oh how I miss that person. Since my diagnosis, I need sleep and quite often, desperately. It’s not just the constant yawning, which is there no matter what, that’s hard to deal with or even the exhausting tiredness. It’s the tingling, numbness, pain, dizziness and fear of wondering if I’m having a relapse tiredness. Only my fellow MS travelers can know this tiredness or even know how to sort of explain it because it is so completely foreign to those who haven’t experienced it. As I’m sure you can tell, I’m tired….now and yesterday. My day isn’t even suppose to start for hours and I already know its going to be hard because I’m awake…writing…yawning…not sleeping. I’ve tried prescription sleep aides and they actually worked not as well as the OTC ones. I don’t think its so much being able to fall asleep mentally, it’s physical. I feel like I have Restless Leg Syndrome in my entire body. I keep telling myself to call my neurologist but I don’t. I know there are things I should try on my own first, like exercising more, but I’m too tired to do it. MS sure has its vicious circles. Now I’m dizzy too!