I’m trying really hard to be patient. This is hard for me. I bite into pizza before it cools and burn the roof of my mouth…every time. I always pull things out of the microwave and oven before the timer goes off. I could give example after example but I think it’s pretty clear. This is a test for me and I hate it!

I called my neurologists office and spoke with the trial coordinator.   I told her I wanted to enroll in a trial. My neurologist participates in quite a few trials so I’m thinking this should be an easy feat. Well, it’s been almost a week and I thought I would have heard back by now. I feel desperate about this so I’m sure that’s not making being patient any easier. I don’t know how long this process usually takes and I should have asked that question as well as a few others. I’ve looked on the government clinical trial site and found the perfect one for me AND my neurologist is on the participation list. Maybe I should have asked about this study specifically? Well, I’m whining and feeling sorry for myself but it’s so hard for me to wait for anything and waiting for this……argh!