Farewell My Sweet Frienemy!

I think it’s safe to say that people with MS are always looking for ways to feel better. Pain, numbness, memory problems and especially fatigue can be debilitating at times and always annoying. There are several medications to help with MS symptoms and they can be quite effective but, before I take that leap, I’m going to try the hard way first…..I’m saying goodbye to sugar. This is going to be extremely difficult for me because sugar is highly addicting and I am a self-proclaimed, hard-core sugar junkie. I not only love the stuff and all the pretty, fluffy, decadent ways it whores itself out to me, I crave it daily. I’ve been told and have read several times that sugar can increase MS symptoms, especially fatigue. I want to feel better than I do now so I’ve decided to take the plunge. I’ve started with only a little sweet creamer in my morning coffee and a little agave in my oatmeal. I’m sure to a lot of people this is still a lot of sugar, especially to someone who has taken “the plunge”. Well, for me, this is a huge change! Next week, I’m going to be completely sugar-free with my coffee. Harder, will be eating my oatmeal plain. I don’t like the taste of artificial sweeteners and don’t think they’re very healthy so that’s not an option for me. My hope is to get to the point where sugar is a rare indulgence. So, here I am, saying/writing it out loud, putting myself in the spotlight and hoping that this will help me to stay the course. Wish me luck and I’ll share this part of my journey in case it’s something someone else is either considering, doing or has already done.

2 thoughts on “Farewell My Sweet Frienemy!

  1. hey there!! how did u find going sugar free. i only bcus i was on slimming world for a while (sugar and fat free) and lost to stone and think i felt ok. recently i have gone “sweet” mad!! i also started on fingolimod 5 weeks ago, sugar cravings still there but i feel worse than i have in a long time!! always looking for answers…lol!!! xxx

    • I was sugar free for about a month. I’ve found that I do better as a whole when I don’t put myself on such restrictions. They always stem from wanting to feel better but equally from wanting to feel control and empowered with my body. Both of these are good and very valid reasons, especially for MSers but, for me, I always end up feeling worse. I’ve done a lot of different diets/food restrictions over the years and I have found that moderation and listening to my body are what works best for me. For example, dairy will mess up my digestion making me feel bloated with a stomach ache. So, I don’t eat it often but, when I do, it’s what I love most- ice cream and cheese :). I haven’t eaten red meat in over 15 years(way before my ms dx) because it didn’t agree with my body and it’s been really easy for me to not have it. I accidentally had some in a bite of lasagna about 11 years ago and that small amount really hurt my stomach. If I eat too much sugar my symptoms will be worse or appear, mostly numbness and tingling. I try to not eat too much sugar but I will enjoy dessert with family and friends. Exercise has made a big difference for me. I feel better when I’m exercising however my body lets me. Try whatever you think might help you but also enjoy the sweet things in life- pun intended 🙂

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