“It’s March Damn It!” or “So Happy It’s March!”

Take your pick but, either way, March is MS Awareness Month. I’m trying to decide the best way to be the squeaky wheel so I can get the grease. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease, like others, that needs things yesterday. Our ninja immune systems gone rogue are causing havoc, sometimes boldly yet mostly in the most sneaky ways. By the time we’ve caught on it’s too late, damage is done. While there are a lot of people working hard to help us with medications and ultimately a cure, it’s so hard to be patient. My heart is full of gratitude but the anxiety often hogs most of it. So, March is MS Awareness Month and I want to make as many people aware as possible. Do I smile and ask nicely? Do I go with the sympathy card? Unfortunately, today I’m feeling like shaking everyone I see and screaming in their faces that I have Multiple Sclerosis and that I desperately need them to be aware and help. I know there are many diseases far worse than MS and as I write this I’m feeling selfish. But, today is March 1st and March is MS Awareness Month so, in spite of feeling selfish, I am going to beg for awareness in any way I can. How are you going to take advantage of this month to bring awareness?