No Soup For You!

I look at myself and think about a new character on Seinfeld. I’m constantly seeing everything wrong around me, complaining about it, making fun of it but, unlike the other characters, I’m not funny and no one is laughing. It’s not that there can’t be humor in my situation, I just can’t seem to see it or allow it. Maybe if I have an “Elaine dance” or I enter and leave a room like Kramer- I do have a natural clumsiness about me now. Is it too soon or am I falling into a pit of despair? MS does feel like the “Soup Nazi” always denying me, even when I wait, telling me no. I know that laughter and being able to laugh at yourself are good things, healthy and health stimulating even. I think I’ve done well benefitting from it until MS. MS feels like the “Soup Nazi” and while those of us watching got a good laugh, the character denied most certainly didn’t. All I hear is NO!, NOT FOR YOU! and ,if I’m lucky, BACK OF THE LINE! everyday. I want to find a way to laugh about this. There’s comedy in there somewhere, right? Is anyone laughing?

5 thoughts on “No Soup For You!

  1. It is nice to know I’m not all alone with MS and trudging to the back of the Soup Line. šŸ™‚ I dropped, again, another breakable yesterday. Again. I should know better and learn my lesson (because clean-up rots). But, no….the MS Nazi shouted at me “No breakables for you!” ha. I would make such a lousy political candidate! I could never hold a baby for a photo opportunity because….thud…..I’d drop it. Then, get sued, lose my career and head for a “Soup” kitchen, Seinfeld style!

  2. Thanks for this blog, we’re one bit family, and we can all laugh together as we bemoan what this disease is making our bodies do. At least we have lots of less breakable plates, bowls, cups etc in our house, so there’s always something to eat/drink from.

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