Choosing To Not Be Jaded

While whether to have MS or not is most definitely not a choice, there are numerous choices I do get to make everyday. I think MS leaves it’s sufferers feeling so vulnerable that anywhere we can find a sense of control is empowering. The trick, however, is to choose healthy choices obviously physically but also mentally. Having someone or something to blame for any part of this disease gives a sense of control because if someone or something is controlling it there is essentially that-some control. There is a fork in the road here and I feel like each direction is taken equally. The road I’ve taken is a trusting road. I trust that my MS environment is a good one and that all the people and things in it are here to honestly help me. The other road is jaded and an untrusting road. I can understand why people choose this road and why it’s there in the first place. The people on this road feel like money is all that drives the people and things on their road. If there’s a cure, people stop getting rich. Even keeping us well deplete their pockets. There’s even a new phrase that I believe stems from this road- “Big Pharma”. This is how people refer to the pharmaceutical industry in a bad way. There’s a consensus amongst a growing number of people who believe the pharmaceutical industry, doctors and the FDA are all in this scheme together to get rich off of our suffering. While I do think there are people in these groups that are only motivated by money, I believe that the vast majority are truly wanting to help and be a part of exciting changes. So, I choose not to be jaded and to get my hope and control from a place with good, honest intentions. My body has already let me down, but my heart hasn’t and it won’t be broken by choosing to walk along a dimly lit path.