Why Can’t It Be Worse?

I had someone else with MS tell me that the worse thing someone could say to her is “It could be worse”.  My guess is that this statement somehow doesn’t make her MS feel validated enough.  I don’t want to say that people with MS like to feel sorry for themselves or that they want others to feel sorry for them because we’re all just trying to navigate the best that we can.  I do wonder sometimes about what makes the difference.  I love it when people tell me it could be worse.  I know that it can be worse and being reminded of that makes me feel stronger, not just because I know that there are many things worse than MS but because it makes me feel like the playing field is more even.  Before I was told I had MS, I was tested for several other things.  The obvious potential culprits were MS, stroke, brain tumor and ALS.  This is the order of bad to worse to me so, while I do have MS, I know it could be worse.  I don’t have a brain tumor, ALS and I haven’t had a stroke.  I remind myself of this quite often and when someone tells me that it could be worse, they’re doing the reminding for me.